Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thinking about Christmas already...

Long time between posts, I know.....  life is just soooo busy!!

Sometimes my luck pays off & manic searches of vintage Christmas decorations on etsy pay off.......... they need a bit of a cleanup.... cobwebs & general grime for their age, but no cracks or damage!

If you've followed my manic christmas decorating via my Flickr stream for the last few years, you'd fail to miss that these are my all time FAVOURITE Christmas decorations.  Growing up, we had 5 Panaura decorations on our old silver christmas tree & they have always held a special place in my heart - 2 diamonds & 3 sunbursts - fabulous neon 60's kitsch.

Mum only bought 5 at the time, as she recalled that they were being sold individually to raise money for a charity. I was lucky enough to locate 3 more sunbursts about 4 years ago on ebay in a mixed lot of vintage decorations, & some round Russian plastic decorations with similar centres a couple of years before that.  Now I have these in my happy little hands!

Sometimes it's worth the constant search over several years, when the holy grail turns up!  (Never give up).... & yes, I know it's only October & I haven't decorated for Halloween yet, or packed to move house (again.....), but Christmas is on my mind :o)

Friday, July 27, 2012

An unexpected find.....

Well... hello again!  It's been a while between blog posts - Christmas & moving house does that to a girl (especially when she has to sort out a large house of stuff & make it fit into a small unit, or go into storage... what to store, what to take...)

I ducked into my local Op Shop on Wednesday whilst out grabbing groceries for dinner, to see if they had anything new (I'd already been there on Monday) & spotted this amazing little (or maybe that should be BIG) piece of glassware!

One of the things that I am constantly hoping to find in the Op Shop, when I pop in for a look, is a glass genie decanter, hopefully hobnail in design & complete with stopper........ no luck so far, but a girl has to try!  I was amazed, therefore, to be greeted by the sight of this amazing jar, on the stand just inside the door - it looks to be the same era as the genie bottles, is amazingly heavy & if it wasn't for the lid which is made of the same glass & equally as thick, I'd swear that someone had cut the base off a genie decanter to make a jar.

I've had a hunt around on the internet & trawled Flickr but haven't found any other examples as yet, to get a little bit of history on these - I'm sure that it will be the same vintage as the genie decanters - so 1960's / 70's & best described as a ginger jar, based on it's shape.

I'll keep looking but if you happen to know the correct name for one of these, or have any other history on them, please let me know!  Until then, I'm just going to enjoy the pleasure of owning & admiring this vintage beauty!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Beautiful Buntings..................

I love the look of strands of Bunting decorations - they always look wonderful in magazine shoots & people's blog photos! ..........soooooooooo, I decided that I want to make some of my own to decorate with at Christmas this year.  Last Christmas I created a stash of turquoise, pink & red fabrics & found a pattern on the net, but never had the time to pin out the pattern, cut out the pieces & sew them together.

This year, being time poor & a tad lazy, I'm planning ahead............. after I found some fabulous Bunting panels that take the stress out of sourcing fabrics & pinning them out.  The red Bunting is from Spotlight - it has no maker's name, etc on the side, so no idea of its' origins - I went back for more but they'd sold out - hopefully theyll get more in stock soon.  The bright one is called "Delighted!" by Riley Blake - I found it on Etsy & it arrived in the post today *squee*

Stay tuned for an update on their progress soon................

Friday, October 7, 2011

A Jewelbrite kind of day.....

Hmm........... OK, I know it's only October but when christmas decorations, cards & trees start creeping into corners of the local stores, I start thinking about christmas decorations & trawling eBay & Etsy to see what I can find.  I've been fascinated for a couple of years now by the sheer retro kitschiness of vintage jewelbrite ornaments.

I don't know a lot about them but suspect that they were only available in the USA when new - I still have the decorations that my mum bought in the UK in the 50s & 60s & she never had anything like these - I'm sure she would have bought some if they were around, as she was as crazy about christmas trees & decorations as me.  I don't see them in Australia either in antique or  second-hand shops, so pounced on a couple of boxes that I found on eBay, whose shipping to Oz was reasonable.............

They arrived this morning & I can't stop staring at them - they are fascinating in both their construction & their themes........... holly, reindeer, santa & what I can only guess to be white poinsettias.  I've already ditched their grubby wire hooks in favour of some silver thread, that matches the glitter specks in their centres & should be much more kind on their aging plastic loops, than the wire hangers ever would be.

 Now to find where in storage I put Mum's old 60's silver tree before the start of December..............